Gardena Trimmer Smallcut 300/23 (Electric)




Gardena-Trimmer SmallCut 300/23 It is now especially easy to execute minor trimming jobs in the garden and the quick, efficient cutting of lawn edges using the lightweight Electric Trimmer SmallCut 300/23, thanks to its perfect ergonomics. The extra-large additional handle supports a relaxed, upright posture as well as the simultaneous safe guidance of the tool.
Convenient handling
The Trimmer is easy to guide due to its low weight and a particularly long front handle.
Controlled filament feed
The Trimmer is equipped with a controlled filament feed. Due to this Bump Feed, the trimmer filament is only extended when and as far as the user wishes.
High level of safety
The cable relief prevents the inadvertent disconnection of the cable during cutting.



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