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The price-favourable GARDENA Classic Spray Fox irrigates smaller areas particularly well. Its range of spray lies at a diameter of maximum 11 m.

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Gardena Pyramid Sprinkler A classic style full circle sprinkler for small gardens. With base holes to secure into the ground (if required) Spray diameter up to 8m with an area coverage of max 50 m2.

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The GARDENA Classic Circular Sprinkler Samba is a convenient sprinkler for small to medium areas. You can irrigate areas from maximum 250 m² with a spray range of 3 m in diameter to maximum 18 m.

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The GARDENA Comfort Part and Full Circle Sprinkler Tango is an especially quiet and easy-to-handle circular sprinkler for smaller to larger areas. Range and flow rate can be directly set on the sprinkler. The sprinkler for flexible irrigation applications.

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฿1,190 ฿1,190



The AquaZoom S from GARDENA gives you everything you need to reliably water your lawn. Suitable for areas of 9 to 150 m², it offers uniform and precise watering that prevents the formation of puddles.

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