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Gardena Comfort Flower Rake

330 ฿

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Product Description

The GARDENA Comfort Flower Rake is the ideal tool for tidying, loosening and smoothing the soil. The ergonomically formed handle, with its integrated soft grip, fits perfectly in the hand and is angled at the end to prevent slipping. The Flower Rake has a width of 8.5 cm. It is produced from high-quality steel. The Duroplast coating ensures a long product lifetime.

Gardena Comfort Flower Rake Comfortable Handling
The ergonomically formed handle has soft component to provide increase handling comfort. The angled ends of the handle prevent the hand from slipping.
Gardena Comfort Flower Rake Corrosion Protection
Top-quality steel and the Duroplast coating protect the hand tools against corrosion, make them dirt-repellent and extremely sturdy.


Use Raking and loosening soil



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