Gardena Classic Hose 19 mm (3/4")




The pressure-resistant and durable GARDENA Classic Hose
The Classic Hose 19 mm (3/4") by GARDENA is available by the metre so you can choose the right length. It has a hose diameter of 19 mm (3/4"). Thanks to its high-quality hose structure it is both dimensionally stable and flexible. When irrigating your plants or during cleaning work the elasticity of the garden hose ensures that it does not easily become knotted or twisted. It is UV and frost resistant so it can stay outside all year round. The water hose is suitable for a burst pressure of up to 22 bar. It is pollutant-free and therefore free of phthalates (<0.1%) as well as cadmium, lead and barium (<0.1%). As the Classic Hose is part of the Original GARDENA System, you can easily connect other system parts or connection devices to it. Classic Hose 19 mm (3/4") the quality product Made in Europe.

Reinforced with textile
 Due to the internal textile the hose is pressure-resistant and keeps its shape.

Quality hose suitable for pressure up to 22 bar
The PVC Classic Hose made of quality material can withstand pressure up to 22 bar.

Burst pressure (hose)22 bar
Hose length50 m
Hose diameter19 mm
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