Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp 25m




Convenient and practical garden irrigation for larger gardens with the Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M/L
Watering that’s always ready for action: With the help of the Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M/L, watering your garden becomes a comfortable pleasure. This Wall-Mounted Hose Box saves you from tiresome winding, dirty hands and a tangled hose. Mounted on any wall, your garden hose is stored safely and is extremely space-saving. For use, simply pull out the 25-metre hose to the desired length. As soon as you stop, the extra short locking points grip and secures the garden hose. Thanks to the practical wall bracket, the hose reel can be swivelled through 180° and follows your movements in the garden unnoticed. In this way you can easily do your watering work, have maximum freedom of movement and the hose does not kink. No bending or winding is necessary to roll up the hose: a light pull on the end of the hose is enough to release the lock. The high-quality steel spring inside the box then rolls the hose up automatically, reliably and evenly for you. The innovative RollControl technology ensures safe and controlled retraction. Thanks to the integrated hose guide, there are no knots or kinks when rolling up the hose, preventing damage to the garden hose. With the tap and hose connections from the Original GARDENA System you can flexibly extend the hose or attach other GARDENA Watering Attachments. Your GARDENA Hose Attachments are always ready to hand: they can be attached underneath the wall bracket and be stored there to save space. The high-quality material is protected from various types of weather by both UV and frost protection and can therefore be used all year round. The box is equipped with theft protection. The hose box comes with all necessary connecting parts: wall bracket, a connecting hose, all necessary Original GARDENA System and Assembly Parts as well as a nozzle with two different spray jet options. GARDENA gives a five-year warranty on the high-quality hose storage.

 Perfect hose storage Thanks to the Wall-Mounted Hose Box, you always have your garden hose and accessories at hand. Nozzles, sprayers and washing brushes can be easily hung up and stored on the wall bracket.
 For comfortable and flexible watering Thanks to the practical wall bracket, the hose box can be swivelled at an angle of 180°. This allows you to water every corner of your garden flexibly and without kinking the hose. After use, the compact box can simply be folded onto the wall to save space.
 Effortless handling The garden hose automatically locks into place at the desired length thanks to the built-in short locking points. So you can easily do your watering work and have maximum freedom of movement.
 Ready for immediate use The Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M/L comes with a wall bracket, a 25-metre garden hose, a connection hose, all necessary Original GARDENA System Parts and a nozzle with two different spray jet options.
 RollControl With a light pull at the end of the hose, the integrated steel spring is activated and rewinds the hose automatically and reliably. The RollControl technology ensures slow and safe retraction, no matter how far the hose is unrolled.
 No tangling or knotting The Wall-Mounted Hose Box has an integrated hose guide which ensures that the hose is drawn in evenly without kinking or knotting.
 UV- and frost-proof The hose box is protected from the elements with both UV protection and frost-proof materials. This means that it can be used in all four seasons.
Hose length25 m
Hose Diameter13 mm
Frost protectionYes
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