Gardena ชุดเสริมสำหรับ ชุดน้ำหยดบนดิน-ใต้ดิน (13.7มม.), 50 เมตร (01395-20)


แบรนด์ : GARDENA


The Below and Above Ground Drip Irrigation Line with a diameter of 13.7 mm is installed underground where it is not visible and serves the irrigation of bordering plants and lawn areas.


  • Included Components: 50 m, Connector and end piece
  • Use: For extension of the Below Ground Drip Irrigation Line.
  • Self-cleaning: Yes
  • Water flow: 1.6 l/h
Low-maintenance The self-sealing drip heads prevent dirtying of the pipe after switch-off of operation. A root blocker against the entry of roots renders the Drip Irrigation Line very durable and thereby longlife.
Easy extension As a Connector and an End-piece are included, the Drip Irrigation Line can be easily connected to the Starter Set Art. No. 1389-20 or another below-ground drip irrigation line. The maximum length is 200 m.
Even irrigation The water pressure is the same at every point in the Drip Irrigation Line, thus guaranteeing even irrigation.
Saves water and gives targeted irrigation As the drip heads are installed underground, the water is supplied right where it is needed without waste.
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