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Gardena Spreaders Small Caster

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Product Description

Winter spreading materials such as sand, salt and grit can now be evenly spread in smaller areas with the Gardena Spreaders Small Caster – without dirty hands! The unique dosage system makes it possible. Simply turn the dosage disc on the cover and select the desired spread-opening (depending on the selected spreading material) from coarse to fine. The large, easy-to-use adjustment knob can be easily turned even with thick gloves. Through the bayonet lock, the Small Caster can be conveniently opened and closed. For easy filling, the grip part can be used as a shovel. Two grip recesses on the sides ensure that the container lies well in the hand.
Filling quantity:
Sand: approx. 1.7 kg
Salt: approx. 1.4 kg
Grit:approx. 1.65 kg

Gardena Spreaders Small Caster 5 Easy spreading of sand, salt, grit and fertilizer
The unique dosage system makes it possible and can be set from coarse to fine depending on the spreading materials.
Gardena Spreaders Small Caster 6 Simple adjustment
The practical, large adjustment knorb is easy to turn.
Convenient filling
Thanks to the bayonet lock, the container can be easily opened and closed. For simpler filling of the spreading materials, the grip part of the Small Caster can be used as a shovel.
Gardena Spreaders Small Caster 7 Container lies well in the hand
Thanks to grip recesses on two sides, the container can be firmly held.




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