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Gardena Outdoor Cooling Mist Set

1,950 ฿

Flexible system with Micro Mist Nozzles for cool refreshment

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Product Description

The GARDENA Outdoor Cooling Mist Set helps you cool down outside on hot days. The system featuring Micro Mist Nozzles is simply attached to a parasol, awning or pergola and connected to the tap. The nozzles create a fine mist which makes the ambient air pleasantly cool. The set consisting of a 10 m Hose, 7 Micro Mist Nozzles, 1 Control Valve, 13 Fastening Clamps and an OGS Hose Connector is immediately ready for use and can be extended with additional sets.

GARDENA Outdoor Cooling Mist Set Cooling you down on hot days
The Outdoor Cooling Mist Set provides pleasant freshness on hot days and cools down the ambient air by up to 6° C. The water is so finely sprayed that it hangs in the air like a cool veil.
GARDENA Outdoor Cooling Mist Set Flexible Use
Thanks to the practical Fastening Clamps, the Outdoor Cooling Mist Set is highly flexible in application. The clamps can be undone quickly and the hose can be installed elsewhere – on balconies, patios, or on sun umbrellas or tents. For permanent installation, for example on a pergola, the Fastening Clamps can also simply be screwed on.
GARDENA Outdoor Cooling Mist Set Easy to connect
The system is simply connected to the tap using an integrated OGS Hose Connector. The Micro Mist Nozzle with a Water Stop at the end of the hose prevents water from running out.ฃ


Included Components 10 m hose, 3,5 mm internal diameter, 7 Micro Mist Nozzles (incl. 1 Micro Mist Nozzle with water stop), 13 fixing clamps, hose connector and coupling with flow-control valve
Water flow 13 l/h




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