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Gardena Garden Saw 300P

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Product Description

The GARDENA Gardeners´ Saw 300 P has a total length of 400 mm, and belongs to the new generation of GARDENA saws. The rigid, straight saw blade with impulse-hardened precision toothing features triple grinding. This means particularly high sawing performance, quiet running, effort-saving sawing and a very long lifetime. The particularly smooth pulling cut is ideal for fresh and dry wood. Practical: the saw blade is easy to replace. Rust has no chance to attack. In addition to the eyelet for hanging up the saw, this product has a blade cover so that it can be stored safely and in a handy place. During sawing, a stop at the end of the handle prevents you from slipping. This has proven particularly useful during pulling movements, and assists you in making smooth progress. Thanks to the ergonomic, slightly angled handle shape and soft handle parts, this saw lies comfortably and safely in your hand.

Gardena เครื่องตั้งเวลารดน้ำอัตโนมัติแบบดิจิตอล Top product quality
GARDENA German-made quality products stand for trusted performance, reliability and continual innovation.
Gardena Garden Saw 300P 5 Smooth and clean cut
The precision toothing with high-quality triple grinding guarantees a smooth and clean cut.
Gardena Garden Saw 300P 6 Rust-proofed
The hard-chrome-plated saw blade guarantees corrosion-free use for a long period of time.
Easy and safe storage
Simply hang up your saw using the integrated eyelet, and the blade cover will keep it safe and in a handy place until you need to use it again.




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