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Gardena combisystem Hand Hoe

470 ฿

For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil

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Product Description

The GARDENA combisystem Hand Hoe is the optimal tool for loosening and aerating the soil and for weeding. The ergonomically formed handle, with its integrated soft component, fits perfectly in the hand and is angled at the end to prevent slipping. For convenient working without bending down, the handle can be easily exchanged for any combisystem handle. The Hand Hoe is 6.5 cm wide and features three teeth and a straight blade. It is produced from high-quality steel. The Duroplast coating ensures a long product lifetime.

Gardena combisystem Hand Hoe 6 Particularly agile
The hose consists of an inner hose coated with a strong textile fabric. This can be manoeuvred easily in the garden or around corners without kinking or twisting.
Gardena combisystem Hand Hoe 7 Easy storage
The lightweight textile hose can be particularly easily stored due to its low weight and its flexibility – even on Hose Trolleys or Reels.
Gardena combisystem Hand Hoe 8 Guaranteed durability
Even if the hose is dragged over the terrace or comes into contact with thorny rose bushes, it won’t be damaged. In addition, with a burst pressure of 35 bar, it is able to cope with all water pressures.


Use  For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil
Working width  6.5 cm



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