Gardena สปริงเกอร์แบบสวิง
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Gardena Classic Oscillating Sprinkler

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Product Description

With the GARDENA Classic Oscillating Sprinkler Polo 220, you can optimally irrigate your lawn. Through the turbodrive gear, even area irrigation of 90 m² to a maximum 220 m² is guaranteed. The sprinkler can achieve an infinitely adjustable range of 7 m to maximum 17 m and has a width of maximum 13 m. The fine-mesh dirt filter made of high-quality stainless steel renders the sprinkler maintenance-free. Through improved ergonomics of the cleaning needle, cleaning of the nozzles is very easy. The GARDENA Classic Oscillating Sprinkler Polo 220 is made of high-quality materials that are highly breakage-proof and that have UV protection. This guarantees a long life. For even irrigation of your garden.

Gardena สปริงเกอร์แบบสวิง


Size LxWxH:

40 x 12 x 8.5 cm.


0.315 kg.




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