Husqvarna Brushcutter 131RB


Brand : Husqvarna


Huqvarna Brushcutter 131RB Good quality than expected. With a 1.6-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, you can work comfortably with a hand-held grip that allows you to work a long way.

 Two-tier piston ring for added strength to work fully.
 Maximum speed adjustable on rear handle. Easy to operate. Increased efficiency.
  Soft back padding and padded harness. Good ergonomics in all weather and for long duty cycles. Increased efficiency and less fatigue during longer work hours.
  Metal clutch cover. Durability in tough and rough conditions. Keeps clutch components secure. Increased efficiency and longer lifetime.
Engine type2 strokes
Cylinder capacity32.6 cc
Engine power1.6 hp
Maximum machine cycle9500 rpm
Spark plugNGK BPMR7A
Oil tank capacity1.15 lit
Shaft size26 mm.
Soft tissue80 cm.
Drive axle typetooth sprockets
Axis GearheadM10
Cutting axis1"
Weight10.2 kg.

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