Greenworks Lithium-Ion Rapid Battery Charger 40V



Greenworks Lithium-ion Rapid Battery Charger Charge your 40V G-Max battery faster with this rapid charger. Thanks to a built in fan, the rapid charger will juice up a 2.0Ah battery in approx 30 minutes and the 4.0Ah battery in approx 60 minutes, so you can get more work done in less time.

About GreenWorks The future is here and it's electric. Once you’ve experienced the power, convenience and economy of a 40V garden tool there will be no going back. The G-MAX 40V Li-Ion range from GreenWorks is already a best-seller in the US and Europe, now it’s ready to revolutionise the way Kiwi’s take care of their backyard.

Part of the STIHL Group family, GreenWorks tools are clean, green, quiet and maintenance free, with no compromises – experience the future today.

SPECIFICATIONS Product code: 2928202 Input: AC 230V,50/60Hz 1A Output: 40V, 4A Charging time 100% (2Ah): 30 Charging time 100% (4Ah): 60

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